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FileMaker Pro and ODBC Data Source connection password?

Question asked by PaulHuffman on Dec 23, 2014
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FileMaker Pro and ODBC Data Source connection password?


I just started out with FileMaker Pro 13 yesterday, and of course I wanted to drive it to the stops to see if I could break it.  I thought I'd see if FM could handle a MySQL data base ODBC connection.  I have some connections to MySQL 5.3 ANSI Driver set up in Windows 7 ODBC Data Source Administrator.  In FM, I tried "Convert an Existing File>slide Files of type down to ODBC Source and all my Data Sources show up. I clicked on one of the MySQL connections, but FM wants a user name, password for the ODBC data source.  What does FM want here?  It's not the username, password on the MySQL database. Tried that, besides it's part of the settings behind the ODBC data sources already. This data source still works for MS Access in Windows and Access doesn't ask for authentification.  Blank doesn't work. It's not my Windows admin account login.  I'm out of guesses.  Where is this username and password set? What does FM want here?