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FileMaker Pro and RemoteApp (crash)

Question asked by busd on Mar 17, 2009
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FileMaker Pro and RemoteApp (crash)


Hi all,


I've searched these forums and google to no avail.  My problem is that I am attempting to use FileMaker Pro 6 client with Windows Server 2008 (x86) Terminal Services being delivered as a RemoteApp which remotely connects to a FileMaker Pro 6 Server database installed on another Windows Server box (2k3).  I know the FMP version is old but the vendor who created the database we use has not upgraded it to a newer version and doesn't plan on it any time soon, so I'm told.


So, I have configured my server for Terminal Services successfully and have 2 other apps running fine on it at the moment.


FMP6 client runs fine as a RemoteApp except when I come upon a dropdown box that I can click on which then queries the FM server to populate the list. At that point (sometimes, not all the time, but enough that it is a possible deal breaker...), the application crashes with the following event logged in the Application Event Log on the 2k8 TS server:


Source:  Application Error

Event ID:  1000

Task Category:  (100)

Level:  Error

Keywords:  Classic


Faulting application FileMaker Pro.exe, version, time stamp 0x3dd3fefa, faulting module FMML10.dll, version, time stamp 0x3dd3f916, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000051b4, process id 0xc38, application start time 0x01c9a7523bd42ccc.



I have talked with the vendor that created the FM database and they said this was a File Maker Pro / Windows Terminal Services problem and couldn't help me diagnose.


I have tried a few things to see if it helped but haven't had success so far.  I have tried giving the test remote user full admin rights to the server, I have added an exception to DEP (Data Execution Protection) for FMP6, and I have temporarily turned Windows Firewall completely off (Domain, Public, and Private networks all off).


Anyone have any ideas how I might fix the crashes?