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    FileMaker Pro and RemoteApp (crash)



      FileMaker Pro and RemoteApp (crash)


      Hi all,


      I've searched these forums and google to no avail.  My problem is that I am attempting to use FileMaker Pro 6 client with Windows Server 2008 (x86) Terminal Services being delivered as a RemoteApp which remotely connects to a FileMaker Pro 6 Server database installed on another Windows Server box (2k3).  I know the FMP version is old but the vendor who created the database we use has not upgraded it to a newer version and doesn't plan on it any time soon, so I'm told.


      So, I have configured my server for Terminal Services successfully and have 2 other apps running fine on it at the moment.


      FMP6 client runs fine as a RemoteApp except when I come upon a dropdown box that I can click on which then queries the FM server to populate the list. At that point (sometimes, not all the time, but enough that it is a possible deal breaker...), the application crashes with the following event logged in the Application Event Log on the 2k8 TS server:


      Source:  Application Error

      Event ID:  1000

      Task Category:  (100)

      Level:  Error

      Keywords:  Classic


      Faulting application FileMaker Pro.exe, version, time stamp 0x3dd3fefa, faulting module FMML10.dll, version, time stamp 0x3dd3f916, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000051b4, process id 0xc38, application start time 0x01c9a7523bd42ccc.



      I have talked with the vendor that created the FM database and they said this was a File Maker Pro / Windows Terminal Services problem and couldn't help me diagnose.


      I have tried a few things to see if it helped but haven't had success so far.  I have tried giving the test remote user full admin rights to the server, I have added an exception to DEP (Data Execution Protection) for FMP6, and I have temporarily turned Windows Firewall completely off (Domain, Public, and Private networks all off).


      Anyone have any ideas how I might fix the crashes?





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          Thank you for your post.


          There were very few problems reported with FileMaker Pro 6 and Terminal Services, and none relate to what you are trying to do.


          When you use the drop down field, is there a script being run in the background?  If so, what is the script doing?


          How is the find being implemented?



          FileMaker, Inc. 



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            The very first instance of this dropdown list is when you first run the program.  The vendor has a login screen and on the first screen, you select the type of user you are (I select administrator) via a radio button.  On the next screen is the dropdown list for the username.  You click on that field and it hourglasses for a sec and then opens up another .fp5 file.  After that file is opened, it populates the list with usernames.  Right before the populate of the list is when it can crash.


            I will contact the vendor to get more info about what, if any, script is running.

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              I just contacted the vendor and they said there were no scripts being executed when you click on that dropdown list box.  What they said they did with these list boxes is set the value list to data in a separate file.  So basically, login.fp5 runs which allows us to log in, then when you click the listbox, users.fp5 opens and then the list gets populated. 


              According to the vendor, that is all that is happening.

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                So, it sounds like the users.fp5 file is not opening.  Correct?  What happens if you disable the listbox?



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                  I just tested it again and got it to crash.  The users.fp5 file does open before it crashes.  I see the file open and minimized at the bottom of the client window. I have tested running the FMP 6 Client locally logged in on the terminal services server and have yet to have it crash.  The only thing I'm allowing to xfer over from the user's machine to the terminal session is the clipboard and printers.  Could the clipboard cause problems?


                  If I were to disable the listbox, I would be unable to log in to the database and that would make it non-functional. 


                  I have other users that have been testing this and the user list is not the only listbox, so I'm told, that has this problem.  Pretty much every listbox in the database that populates from another .fp5 file can cause the FMP6 client to crash.


                  Since it's intermittant, it's definitely making it harder to troubleshoot.

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                    What does the script do after the file is opened and minimized?


                    I doubt the clipboard would cause problems.  However, if you disable it, does the problem go away?  :-)


                    Sorry for the confusion.  I'm not trying to suggest disabling the listbox permanently.  You mentioned that it was crashing when you used a list box.  I was trying to narrow down if this is the culprit.  From what I understand so far, the crash comes after the users.fp5 is opened and minimized, which means the drop-down list is not the culprit.


                    My goal here is to locate the problem, report it to Development and Testing, determine if there is a workaround, and get you working.  So, the more specific you can be with which script steps are working and which steps fail will get us closer to that goal.



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                      Thank you for the reply.  I have yet to test if it is the clipboard and I'll check that. 


                      As I had said, the vendor reports no scripts running at all.  All they did was set the "Value List" property for the dropdown box to data contained in another .fp5 file and FMP takes it from there.  That's basically the gist of what the vendor told me.  No scripts running at all.


                      I'm sure that disabling the dropdown box would keep it from crashing but the vendor's UI has tons of those throughout the program.  I'm sure it would require them to do a rewrite just to fix a problem that seems to be affecting only people utilizing their program through Terminal Services and RemoteApp.


                      The question now is whether the users.fp5 file successfully opens completely and reads the data before the crash or if it crashes during read.  I can't really say.  I do not see the dropdown list populate before the program crashes which tells me the list is not populating then crashing but crashing before the "Value List" is filled with data.

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                           We are still having this crash problem and disabling the clipboard did not help the problem.  Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.
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                          Thanks for testing out disabling the clipboard.  I have no idea why it doesn't work, and that is one less possibility to consider.


                          As you said, everything works fine locally with FileMaker Pro, but fails when using Terminal Services.


                          How is Users.fp5 being opened?  Are you double-clicking on Users.fp5?  What preferences are set for launching FileMaker?



                          FileMaker, Inc. 

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                            Hi busd asked me <the developer> to chime in..


                            We have an interface with a login.fp5 file.  

                            The users come to this file first and select their user type.  Then they select their user name.


                            Filemaker itself opens users.fp5 file.


                            This happens when the user selects their type, depending upon which type they are they are taken to another layout in login.fp5 that has a conditional value list linked to users.fp5.


                            There is a constant, text to text relationship from a field in login.fp5 to a field in users.fp5

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                              Thanks for chiming in.


                              Tell me more about the interface with login.fp5.  I was informed from "busd" that no scripts were involved.  How is FileMaker opening users.fp5?  Are there any buttons involved?



                              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                                Just to rule out the obvious, has anyone checked out the files for possible corruption?


                                Can you open and interact with the database if you open the files with FMP instead of server?


                                Anyone try testing recovered copies of the file?


                                Hopefully, you've tried all these things already.

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                                  Phil, thanks for the reply.


                                  The Terminal Server is running FMP not FMS.  FMP connects to another FM server box.  FMP runs through RemoteApp which is a special Terminal Service session that doesn't show a desktop but only the application itself as if it is just another application running on the local machine.


                                  When you log in on to the desktop of the Terminal Server box, FMP works fine and does not crash.  But when you RDP to it through RemoteApp, it crashes.  


                                  This, I would think, means that it has nothing to do with the database at all but a problem with FMP interacting with RemoteApp Terminal Services.

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                                    "Filemaker itself opens users.fp5"



                                    login.fp5 has a relationship TO users.fp5

                                    global text in login.fp5 to constant text in users.fp5 relationship


                                    usertype [A, B, C]


                                    Users in users.fp5 are assigned 

                                    User1 [A]

                                    User2 [A,B]

                                    User3 [C]


                                    Person logging in picks if they are A, B, or C


                                    If they pick they are type A (held in global text)

                                    They click on the script button that takes them to a layout with a filed populated by Valuelist::A

                                    Then the value list in login.fp5 would display

                                    User1, User2


                                    If they pick they are type C (held in global text)

                                    They click on the script button that takes them to a layout with a filed populated by Valuelist::C



                                    No scripts are run in users.fp5



                                    would show


                                    When user go to the next layout in login.fp5,

                                    a layout that has a field in login.fp5 with a valuelist based upon entries IN users.fp5


                                    the user then selects their name from the list. or is supposed to because the cant even get that far


                                    Again Filemaker itself is automatically opening (minimized) the users.fp5 file when attempting to display the pulldown valuelist in login.fp5 OF users.fp5's contents. based upon the relationship


                                    To be exactly technical, yes we have scripts that take the user from layout1 to layout2 to layout3 within login.fp5

                                    but at this point we are NOT attempting to remotely run scripts in users.fp5.  That does happen though but not here, not within login.fp5.


                                     re corruption:


                                     We have an existing thin client application already hosting this solution and it works fine (execept for unreliable printing).

                                    Users are able to get into the system just fine.


                                    It appears that Terminal Services itself is fighthing with Filemaker Pro directly and not an -internal- fight within Filemaker and it's files.



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