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Filemaker Pro Backup question

Question asked by jcmcdonnell3 on Apr 11, 2013
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Filemaker Pro Backup question


     I'd really appreciate any help with this.  Here's the situation.  

     For now I do not have access to server and am trying to piece together a backup strategy with Pro.  I would like to create a script that basically does the following upon last window close ...

  •           determines the account name of user
  •           depending on that account name, presents a message that says words to the effect "would you like to back up the file"
  •            if "yes" then automatically performs a "save a copy as" 

     Doable?  Sensible?  I'm getting all confused about querying for the account name (e.g. do I use get(AccountName) and the syntax of the if logic.  Again, any thoughts would be appreciated.