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    FileMaker Pro beginner



      FileMaker Pro beginner


           We currently use FileMaker Pro 11 (on Macs) for our File Database. We then draft our products, which include word and excel documents on our computers, seperate from the FileMaker database. 

      Currently our rough routine, after we receive orders, includes:


                       Entering order details into our file database (FileMaker Pro 11). Which includes the names, legal descriptions, sales and loan amounts, among other information.


                       Typing the title commitments. Which includes entering the same information from above into our Word document associated with that file.


                       Preparing Settlement Statements. Which includes, again, inputing the same information into our Excel document associated with that file


                       Typing the Final Policies. And they again, we must input the same information into a different (than the commitment document) Word document associated with that file. 


      I am wanting to create a new system for our office, where the information from a particular file (record) in the database transfers into the associated word and excel documents. 

      I can do the research associated with creating the project. I just do not want to spend a significant amount of time, if what I am wanting done is not possible.


      Thank you in advance and please let me know if you need any other information to answer my question. 

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               These links (esp. first 5) may be of use.

               It there a reason the data must exist in Word and Excel documents?  Are they stored on a server?
               If edited by multiple users, tracking versions of the documents can be a problem (version control)
               On the other hand, at $300 per user, Filemaker is sometimes not cost effective.

               Your post is vague, banking, insurance, or other? Small or med or big company? Win or Mac?
               Most such businesses would have a corporate setup for process management.

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                 Thank you for your reply!0

                 We are a very small company (5 employees). We are a Title Insurance Company. We do not use our underwriters system, because it is Window's based and we use Macs. We are considering it, if I cannot complete this (this is also a College Senior Capstone Project). I am wanting to create a system that would eliminate the repetitive tasks, and be more organized in general. The documents do not have to exist in Word and Excel, that is just they way we have conducted business for so long. Everything is stored on a single server computer. Not a computer with a server software, just a normal computer, that we all work from via our own computers (does that make sense). We do not need to track multiple versions, we do however, need to be able to be in the database simultaneously, but working on separate files/records.

                 I have been playing around with FileMaker 12, and it is beginning to look like I might be able to create a database with multiple layouts forms. Maybe these different layout forms can be my separate documents, such as file database, commitment, Settlement Statement, and final policy... Not sure if that will be sufficient, because we will also need to create other documents such as Deeds and Affidavits.