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    FileMaker Pro crashes when opening DB



      FileMaker Pro crashes when opening DB


      I am new to FileMaker Pro , so please bear with me...

      I am trying to copy some FileMaker Pro DBs to a new PC for a client, but everytime I try to open them on the new machine, FMP crashes. The DBs I'm working with were made in FMP 7, but the new PC is using FMP 11

      Do I need to convert the files to another format in order to import into FMP 11? I am not really sure what is causing the crash, any suggestions?

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          FileMaker 7 and 11 files use the same format so no conversion is necessary nor even possible.

          Likely, your file is corrupted. It may appear to work fine in one version and yet trigger crashes in another.

          Recover the file, using FileMaker 11 and see what is reported.

          Best Practice is to not use recovered files, but instead replace the damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if at all possible. You may have to save a clone of an undamaged back up and then import your data from the recovered copy into the clone.