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Filemaker Pro Crashing, NEED HELP!

Question asked by colourprintsolutions on Apr 28, 2010
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Filemaker Pro Crashing, NEED HELP!




We originally created our database using FMP 6

and since then haven't upgrade from FMP6, even though we have upgraded most of our computers (to mac intels).

Lately we have been having problems with FMP6 crashing after if it is not in use for around an hour.

We have a dedicated G4 Mac remotely sharing the Files to our Computers ( we have around 6 computers accessing the db)


The crashes are starting to effect production, files are going missing and corrupt.


Which brings me to my question; How can we prevent the crashing?


Would Upgrading to FMP 11 help at all? as this has been thrown around the office, but I feel that it wouldn't have much effect.


We have a secondary Mac Mini Server, Are we better to re-locate the files on the G4 and share them on the Server?


Anyway any help would be MUCH appreciated.




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