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    Filemaker Pro Crashing, NEED HELP!



      Filemaker Pro Crashing, NEED HELP!




      We originally created our database using FMP 6

      and since then haven't upgrade from FMP6, even though we have upgraded most of our computers (to mac intels).

      Lately we have been having problems with FMP6 crashing after if it is not in use for around an hour.

      We have a dedicated G4 Mac remotely sharing the Files to our Computers ( we have around 6 computers accessing the db)


      The crashes are starting to effect production, files are going missing and corrupt.


      Which brings me to my question; How can we prevent the crashing?


      Would Upgrading to FMP 11 help at all? as this has been thrown around the office, but I feel that it wouldn't have much effect.


      We have a secondary Mac Mini Server, Are we better to re-locate the files on the G4 and share them on the Server?


      Anyway any help would be MUCH appreciated.




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          Damage in your file could cause the crashing. Test a recovered copy of the file and see if it works without crashing. If so, you should replace your file with an undamaged back up if at all possible.


          One other concern:

          "We have a dedicated G4 Mac remotely sharing the Files to our Computers"


          Do you have filemaker or filemaker server installed on this computer so that other's connect to the database using open remote? If your user's are not, but instead navigate to a shared drive and launch the files by double clicking its icon, that could be the source of the damage to your files as filemaker databases should not be shared in this fashion.

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            FMP 6 on G4 Mac FMP? FPMAdv? FMPServer? You do not specify.

            FMP 6? version? You do not specify.

            OS on G4? OSX 10.3? 10.4? 10.5? You do not specify.

            Do you do backups before you change the database?

            Do you do a Save As Smaller? or a Save As Clone?

            What is the age of your last backup?

            Have you tried to revert to known good backup with import from current DB?

            Do you do monthly maintenance on the computer? (I recommend AppleJack)

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              Thanks for the help,


              We have a copy of FMP server 5.5 (but to be honest, im not even sure we use it)


              All the computers open remotely. We have migrated the files once before (maybe over a year ago now)

              as we had an old Xserve (10.3) but it crashed


              The G4 is running 10.4.11


              theres around 25 different files that all link to the Database.

              they all play there own little part (our database is mostly for keeping track of jobs and creating quotes)


              Apparently the boss told me its was happening even with the server.


              Talking to a few of the staff,


              They told me the message when it crashes was a "communication error"


              and then it would quit.


              So maybe that might be a start?


              Anyway thanks for the help so far





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                Hardtware it is running on G4

                Software it is running on? You do not specify.This is KEY.

                Client software using to access the server?

                Specifics are impotant.