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FileMaker Pro FAILS Upon Loading PDFS - Adobe

Question asked by AnnBlankenship on Sep 26, 2014
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FileMaker Pro FAILS Upon Loading PDFS - Adobe & Preview.App


I just bought FileMaker Pro.  I'm not happy and I'm regretting my purchase.

When loading PDFs  [Adobe or Preview] into interactive container files FMP simply blinks off. Admittedly, some of the files are large [one is 58 pages] but the others average around 12-15 pages or less. If FMP can't handle files of this size, then this product is essentially useless to me.  Housing large sums of data and files. Isn't this what DBs are for? I only uploaded 2 files and FM crashes. This is not good.

If there is any way that this issue can be resolved, please advise. Otherwise I just threw $368 down the crapper.....

As an aside....I performed  due diligence prior to purchasing FMP making sure I had all the necessary specs and memory before