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FileMaker Pro for MacGroomer Program

Question asked by AndyT on Dec 7, 2010
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FileMaker Pro for MacGroomer Program


I am using MacGroomer which is a pet grooming program for my business that runs on FileMaker from what we have figured out. I saved/exported my client data on to an external hard drive and now I am trying to import the records back on to MacGroomer and it won't upload the data. It keeps giving me the following errors.


1st it says: "Cust list" contained only enough data to update the first 2501 records. Cust list is the name I saved the data under and I have well over 2501 customers saved.

2nd: Some data field values could not be recognized as valid dates. You can find these by searching for "?." I don't understand what that means.

This one is when you try entering new data into the program...

3rd: "Gr business Acct." is defined to recognize a value, but does not appear on this layout. Use another layout to type a value.


I am guessing its from the way I saved the filed because it asked me to save it as a "comma-seperated text" and I accepted.


If some one can decode all this and let me know what they all mean I'de greatly appreciate it. Also, if some one is familiar with MacGroomer or how the program or programs like this work and can let me know what to do it would be great. Its for my business so I need this ASAP!! I would like to also inform you that MacGroomer is a discontinued program so I don't know how you would find more info on it.


Thanks guys!