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FileMaker Pro from Bento

Question asked by EfronHirsch on Oct 26, 2012
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FileMaker Pro from Bento


     I've decided I need to make the jump to FileMaker Pro for the first time.

     I have a few questions. I'm coming from a Bento Background. I feel I've mastered it and can take it no further. Especially, since I am planning to hire people for a business. I basically have a perfectly set up Database in Bento, as perfect as it's going to get for me, but I have hit limits that I feel only FileMaker can solve.

     I have a few questions:

     1. How easy is it to get my libraries, collections, and forms from Bento set up in FileMaker exactly as I have them set up in Bento?

     2. If I download FileMaker onto my Mac, and later I buy a new Mac, is it easy to switch the software to a different computer?

     3. Filemaker Go syncs with Filemaker Pro the same way that Bento for Mac syncs with Bento for iPhone, is that right? And this can be done over WiFi?

     I look forward to you reply.