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Filemaker Pro hanging during file constistency check

Question asked by DaveHamer on Jul 14, 2010
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Filemaker Pro hanging during file constistency check



We currently support a client that is using Filemaker Pro 9 with Network Sharing to host a database that their 5 other Apple Macs connect to. The database is being hosted on a Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP2. The Apple Macs are of varying versions - 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6.

Overnight this database is backed up by closing Filemaker [using taskkill.exe] and using a "on close" script within Filemaker to create a copy of each of these databases. The server then reboots in order to relaunch Filemaker [We get an activation error when trying to launch via Terminal Services] and close any handles to these files (This backup solution was put in place by another company, therefore we are trying to find out what is going wrong.)

Upon reboot the server automatically logs in to the console session and relaunches filemaker, and opens the previous databases for sharing (4 databases total, 3 at 15MB each, 1 at 650MB). During this relaunch, on most days, filemaker will 'hang' - it is completely unresponsive and the process needs to be killed. The bar that is visible in the background is the "File Consistency Check". Relaunching Filemaker (via VNC - RDP gives me an activation error) causes the file to be checked for consistency again, however this time it opens correctly and doesn't hang.

Has anyone experienced this before/has a better solution for performing a backup?