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    Filemaker Pro Help Needed



      Filemaker Pro Help Needed


      I'm stuck in a situation where I have to create a database system using filemaker pro, I am stuck on a final few things I need to do. The issue is that it is for my college work and my lecturers have not taught us anything about database software. When I ask for their help they do not know the answers themselves and simply tell me to 'google it' or 'i don't know how to do that, look it up'. I have reported both lecturers to senior members of staff but I am now stuck as I need to complete the system ASAP so I can begin writing up about it in my project.

      Can anyone provide me with help and answer my questions in relation to the areas that I need help on? I am willing to compensate the person who does so financially.

      Thanks Dan.

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          If you ask specific questions here, providing as much detail as you can, there are plenty of people who would likely help you out.

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            I have tried but I find i'm either receiving answers which I do not understand or no answer.
            The problem I have is that the system needs to be created ASAP and my lecturers are of no help at all. 
            I achieved 94% and 96% percent in my first year exams meaning that if I done well this year in ICT I could achieve an A* but this problem is set to crush that possibility. 
            By posting on here and waiting for a reply and then responding back and fore takes up many hours, I wanted to find someone who could provide help through an instant messenger as I feel it could be done within an hour or so then. 

            I only need to finish the invoice form and create calculations for costs, I'm unsure of how to do so as I have a cost for the accommodation, number of nights and then yes/no fields for 3 meals. I do not know how i would include the costs of the meals into the calculations.
            Also I need a script to perform a find for bookings within the current date + 30 days.

            Thanks, Daniel