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    Filemaker pro may have been the wrong product for me??? Printing book?



      Filemaker pro may have been the wrong product for me??? Printing book?


      Help. I'm pretty much a newbie. I used FP 9 (on windows 7) to enter data on a dog event (names, titles, owners, picture, pedigree, health, etc). I have to produce a book from this data, with each page listing the info for each dog. So, I need to create a layout, then get that layout into a format suitable for digital printing, in a spiral bound book. And the quality has to be high enough for photos. Print companies online say they wil print using pdf's, others involved are telling me I have to use MS publisher, some talk about Adobe in-design.

      I used FP because of the extreme ease in data entry (used it years ago on a Mac). I have several tables containing different data. But what is the best way to get my data into a printable form? Wil a pdf be good enough, or do I have to export to a different format and use a different program to layout? Is there a program that will pull the data straight from FP? I spent all afternoon researching, then decided to ask the experts. Help! TIA!!


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          Seems to me you should be fine, just make a layout that covers each dog and then print it to pdf in record view.  The only wrinkle in it is what res you scanned the pictures of the dogs in.  Since screen resolution is 72 dpi and print resolution for good reproduction is going to be near 300 dpi.  Other then that your text etc should all come out just fine from filemaker to pdf.  Sometimes too you have a choice of settings for what resolution the pdf is going to be. I'm on a mac so i'm not sure what the windows choices are that way but they usually exist under properties or things like that.  So make a blank layout that's 8.5x11, then drag on the fields you want where you want them in the book, I presume the pictures of the dogs are in a container so I would look at one or two of them outside of filemaker just to see how big they really are, use something like picture viewer/photoshop etc.  DO NOT under any circumstance try to upres the photos in those programs as the printed results will not be what you want.  However if on average your file sizes can support say 2x3" at 300 instead of say 4x6" at 300 then you know your container field on the printed layout in FM has to be the smaller size etc.  Once you have one created send it as a pdf as a test to your printer and see what the proof looks like if it's all good then you should be able to just have filemaker print all of them.