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    FileMaker Pro Multi-User Network Question (from a novice)



      FileMaker Pro Multi-User Network Question (from a novice)



           I am a novice FileMaker user.  A number of years ago, I created a simple database in FM9 for a friend's business.  This database was designed for access from a single computer.  It has been working well since that time.  However, my friend has just expanded her business and I would like to research what I need to do to access the database from two computers.

           We will work on the computer networking side of the solution, which should be simple.  But I have a few questions regarding the FileMaker side.

           1.  I assume I need to get a new license for this 2nd computer, correct?

           2.  Do I need the FileMaker server software if two users will access the database simultaneously?

           3.  Will I need to upgrade the original computer from FM9 to FM12 if the newly purchased license is FM12?  Can one computer use FM9 and the other use FM12 ?

           I also have questions about remote access via the web or cloud.  I don't know much about this, but what would it take to allow access from this 2nd computer (a Macbook) from the user's home via the web?


           Any help from you FM experts is much appreciated.



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               FileMaker 12 cannot open files from earlier versions without converting them to .fmp12 format. Earlier versions such as FileMaker 9 cannot open FileMaker 12 files--the file format has changed.

               You have the choice between buying two copies of FileMaker 12 and converting your files, or making a "downgrade" purchase (I think this is still possible) of FileMaker 11. FileMaker 11 and FileMaker 9 can access the same files.

               However you decide to do that, you can then open the file with FileMaker Pro on the computer where the file is located and then the second computer launches FileMaker and uses Open Remote to find and open the database.

               Do NOT under ANY circumstances, put the file in a shared directory and try sharing it from that directory by opening the file directly. THis can damage your file.

               Cloud type services can be a useful way to keep a backup copy of your file offisite, but is not a practical means of sharing the database for access by multiple users.