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Filemaker Pro on Windows Terminal Services

Question asked by mfero on Dec 9, 2010


Filemaker Pro on Windows Terminal Services


My I.T. group had problems installing Filemaker Pro v.11 using Windows Terminal Services.  Previously they had installed Filemaker v.6 without problems and it was accessed by users on Thin Clients.  However, when they recently installed Filemaker Pro v.11 it is only accessible to server administrators.  When I try to login as a regular user the icon in the start menu looks funny and when I select it a Windows-like dialogue box comes up asking for a login name and password.  The I.T. guys are too pressed for time and have written it off saying that Filemaker Pro is no longer compatible with Windows Terminal Services.  I have found Filemaker's manual for the use of the software (v.10) on Windows Terminal Services but I don't see anything that mentions user privileges.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be wrong with the installation or how to fix it?