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    FileMaker pro prints only one copy.



      FileMaker pro prints only one copy.


           Version: FM Pro 8.0v1

           OS: Windows 7

           Printer: HP 8600 & Brother 8810DW


           FileMaker pro prints only one copy even when multiple copies are selected in the print menu.  This issues arises when printing either from a script or the file menu. We can successfully print multiple copies in any other application. We experience this issue when printing any layout. We experience this issue on both of the printers listed above.  We upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7.  The Windows XP machines can successfully print multiple copies.


           any feedback is appreciated

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               Running any version of FileMaker older than version 10 on Windows 7 may prove to be problematic.

               You might try doing this with the W7 machine running in "XP compatibility mode".

               And you may just have to upgrade to a newer version of FileMaker will all the added expense and complications that entails...

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                 Thank you for the prompt response.

                 Running FM in "XP compatibility mode" does not solve the multiple copy issue.

                 It did, however, solve the issue we had with faxing invoices from our network fax machine via FM. Initially, FM would send only half the fax page.  Now in compatibility mode FM sends the whole fax page without issue.