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Filemaker Pro Snapshot Link, adding XML Extension

Question asked by jasondeike on Oct 13, 2010
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Filemaker Pro Snapshot Link, adding XML Extension


I have run into two instances where an XML extension has been added to a Filemaker Snapshot Link by default.

The first time was while using Thunderbird 3.1 or above, when you try to open the link by double clicking on the attachment, it automatically appends an XML extension to the Snapshot Link.  There is no way around this, that I could find.  Besides saving the attachment to your desktop, and opening it from there.  This does not happen in older versions of Thunderbird.  You can double click the attachment and it will open up in Filemaker without any issues.

The second time was when I was in my webmail, I clicked on the attachment, and it again downloaded with an XML extension and I could not open it with Filemaker.  This instance happens with both Mac OS, and Windows OS.

How do you get around these OS's or programs thinking that the Filemaker Snapshot Link attachment is an XML document?  

Thanks for the help.

Jason Deike