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FileMaker Pro vs ACT!

Question asked by Douglaslbrady on Apr 4, 2010
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FileMaker Pro vs ACT!


I am new to FileMaker Pro and I have a question for anyone that can help me.  I am familiar with the ACT! software and now that I have a Mac, I am needing to switch software---seeing as how I am not willing to download Windows onto my computer.  Here is my question:  In ACT!, I have a section for each client that I can make notes, and keep a history.  It goes as long as I would like it to go.  Therefore, when I am contact with a client, I can see everything I have done, every note I have made, every item that I deem important.  I can't find that on FileMaker Pro.  Please help me out with this---it seems FileMaker Pro should have something like this, but I can not find it.  Thanks in advance for your help!