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FileMaker Pro10 Questions

Question asked by DRW on Jan 10, 2009
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FileMaker Pro10 Questions


I think my last posting got lost in the ether. Apologies if this is a repeat.


I have been looking for a valid path for updating a legacy VB6 application, which uses MSAccess97 for data storage. The db does little if any data processing. It is not being used as a DBMS merely a flat file. There are no links in the db, no cascading updates etc. All of the data processing/integrity is handled by the VB6 application, including record locking.


I have done some work using SQL server and .Net but face an exhausting rewrite. I have also looked at MySQL but found it difficult to put together a front end.


I have also looked at File Maker V8 and again did not progress very far. However now that V10 has arrived I am taking a fresh look. I have downloaded the trial version of Pro10 and have ported across a part of the legacy db, mainly customer records. I have a couple of questions.


Firstly is VA possible to create custom designed toolbars. The 'New' button on this version appears to be greyed out. Is this because it is a trial version or is this function not available yet?


Secondly is it possible to put a drop down list on a form that is not linked to the current record. i.e. Is not linked to the data source. I can do this in VB and it is very useful for providing a search list. I created a control in VB6, which consisted of a ComboBox overlaid with a TextBox. The ComboBox was used to move to a record, data from which was displayed in the TextBox(s). It works well and operators like the way it works so I am trying hard to replicate its functionality.


Fingers crossed I may have finally solved this upgrade problem.


Thanks for your help.