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    filemaker query



      filemaker query


           Hi everyone!

           i have been searching the net for a solution for a client and have come across filemaker and from what i can see, i think it would suit my/my clients needs, but unsure of a few things.

           their business needs to have a nanny/babysitter database which i will build the main template for, but for them to access it and use/update it on their pc, do they have to have filemaker installed as well?

           ideally i want to build their template and install it on their pc and hand it off to them to input their own data as needed.

           maybe filemaker is too much for them/me or is it "doable" that i can install the database on their machine?

           sorry if any of the terminologies are wrong, this is new to me.


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               I suggest downloading the 30 day free trial and seeing what you can do with it. Many questions will be answered just by doing that with the software.

               If you acquire FileMaker Advanced, you then have the option of creating a "run time" solution that can be installed on another computer that does not also require FileMaker Pro, though the resulting run time has limitations so you will need to evaluate whether or not that option really works for what they want to do.

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                 i have downloaded the 30 day free trial, but to me anyways, the details as how to deploy or use the database that you create on another machine is sketchy at best, which is what i was wanting to know.

                 i think i'll look for an easier solution to the problem, but thanks for taking the time to reply anyways.

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                   $300 Filemaker Pro allows you to create and share databases with users that have $300 Filemaker Pro on their computer (on the same network, or the internet)

                   $500 Filemaker Pro Advanced allows you to create and share databases with other Filemaker owners.
                   It also allows you to create Runtimes that can be used by any one user, BUT not shared data.

                   $1000 Filemaker Server allows many people that own Filemaker Pro to access a shared database.
                   At added cost many users can access the database with a web browser. "Concurrent Users" is the name for how many users can access with a web browser at one time.

                   $15 - $30 / month Filemaker Server hosting companies allows many people that own Filemaker Pro to access a shared database.
                   At added cost users can access the database with web browsers.