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filemaker query

Question asked by NigelHealey on Jun 24, 2014
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filemaker query


     Hi everyone!

     i have been searching the net for a solution for a client and have come across filemaker and from what i can see, i think it would suit my/my clients needs, but unsure of a few things.

     their business needs to have a nanny/babysitter database which i will build the main template for, but for them to access it and use/update it on their pc, do they have to have filemaker installed as well?

     ideally i want to build their template and install it on their pc and hand it off to them to input their own data as needed.

     maybe filemaker is too much for them/me or is it "doable" that i can install the database on their machine?

     sorry if any of the terminologies are wrong, this is new to me.