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    FileMaker Question



      FileMaker Question


      I am tracking workouts of my basketball team. I have a table for each workout and a table for drills. I was wondering if there was a way that I can keep statistical data for each drill for the workout and keep track of makes and misses for each workout of a specific drill.

      I'm looking to keep track of each players stats for each drill for the season. 

      Any help would be appreciated. 

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          So if you have a table that lists each player's participation in the drill related to your table of drills, fields in that table can record the raw data (misses and makes) needed for your statistics.

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            Hey Phil!

            Yes I can place drills in a particular workout right now. What I want to do is to be able to chart makes and misses for each drill and be able to then keep a count of a player's stats in a drill. For instance I want to know how a player shoots in a drill called 3 Point Shots Left Side. I want to be able to see all the times he used this drill, which I can , but I also want to know his makes and misses in this drill as well. Here is my chart for the database 

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              What I am suggesting would be a join table that links a Player record to a time they participate in a drill. That's not a table you have at this time as you link drills to work outs and players to work outs but not players to drill participation.

              You need that table to record drill and player specific data for each drill performed by each player.

              Drill Participation::__pkDrillParticipationID = DrillStats::_fkDrillParticipationID
              Player|Drill::_pk_PlayerID = Drillstats::_fk_PlayerID

              Then fields in Drill stats can log their performance, perhaps with buttons you can tap on an iPad that increment a field each time the player makes or misses their shot.

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                So Phil on the Drill Stats the fields I can use are say Shots Attempted, Shots Made, Percentage?


                Can I list then the data on the player's table in a portal?

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                  That's it. And this relationship:

                  Player|Drill::_pk_PlayerID = Drillstats::_fk_PlayerID

                  Makes it possible to set up that portal, but you may need to add another table occurrence of DrillStats if your layout isn't going to be based on Player|Drill.

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                    The Workout Participation is a sheet that I hand our head coach to let them know what went on in the workout. So obviously the workout will let me know what they did that day. I didn't have any info going to the player profile besides the date of each workout , where I could click on the date and get the workout and what they did. I'd like have it in the player profile where the Date of the workout and the stats of the drills that he did in that workout are present in that portal. I'll play around with it and see if it works and what else if anything needs to be done

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                      Phil do I link drill stats to drill and player or just player? From what I see here I think it's just Player

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                        Phil, I joined the table 


                        Drill Participationl::_pk_Drill_ParticipationID = Drillstats::_fk_Drill_ParticipationID

                        but when I tried to join the Drill Stats Table with Drill it wanted to start another table occurrence. Did that supposed to happen


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                          I did say earlier that "you might need another table occurrence DrillStats". wink

                          The key detail is that DrillStats records must link to the DrillParticipation record (the specific instance of a Drill from Drills being held during a workout) and to the player performing the drill.

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                            Haha yes in the 5+ yard of dealing with me it can't be a surprise that I am an idiot :-). Ok so I setup the occurrence to link up with player from drill stats::_fkPlayerID=Player::pk_playerID and when it asks to name the table I just name it a different name?


                            I joined it ok with drill stats and drill participation

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                              /files/f3f8db608a/Screenshot_2014-09-29_17.56.33.png 2560x1600
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                                Do you want me to start a table occurrence with both Drill Stats and Player and Drill Stats and Drill? Seems to me that the drill needs to be connected to collect stats on it as well as player to get the numbers on his drills.

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                                  The only thing that I see missing is to link Drill Stats to an occurrence of Players. The link from Drill Stats to Drill participation to Drills will give you access to any data in Drills that you might need.

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                                    OK , I always have trouble with multiple table occurrences. I am actually reading up on your article that you have on it for a second time now. I always think that the new tabs i a blank table that has nothing to share. That's what I struggle with the most with the database is the more than one occurrence at a time.

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