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FileMaker Record Submission Form

Question asked by KenHoopes on Jan 10, 2014
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FileMaker Record Submission Form


     I'm working on a project to convert all of our Access DB's into FileMaker, but I am running into issues trying to create a submission form. Any help would be appreciated.


     How it works:

     1.) Users open layout and all fields are blank.

     2.) Users input all appropriate data and press "Submit" button.

     3.) Data is submitted, all fields go blank again, and focus is granted to first field in the tab order.


     Make sense? Also, if possible would not mind adding the following steps into the list above for user convenience.

     2a.) If records meet the validation requirements, users are prompted that the records have been successfully submitted, and an "Ok" button is diplayed.

     2aa.) Users press "OK" button.

     2b.) If records do not meet the validation requirements, user are notified of the infracting field(s) and are presented with an"OK" button.

     2bb.) Users ppress "OK" button and are simply brought back to the form to fix data. No data is blanked.


     Also, as part of a larger requirement, I would like to display a table below form that show's the most recent entries in the affected table in descending order.


     Again, any help is appreciated.