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FileMaker related value list question

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Jan 2, 2015
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FileMaker related value list question


Hello Experts, 

I have issue with creating related value list.

ill describe the situation, 

have 3 tables 

01. Job publications = 02.Job  Card=03. Survey details
Relationship is one to many to each table


How it should works

User create job publication record  and related records inside the job card, each job card can have many surveys.

So i use portal of survey details inside the Job card layout. 

Inside the portal i have placed the fields , more specifically i focus about the field name "company name"

What i want to show, drop down list in company name field which can show only the related values from Job publications.

I have created the related drop down list. my problem is it take very long time to visible that list. 

some times it does not visible at all.

some times it work faster if i navigate to few fields up and down on same layout, perhaps its because the db is hosted and it need some time to get data?

The database is hosted. Is there anyway to make it speedup and making work all the time?

At the moment i'm little lost so i  appreciate any input from you guys .