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FileMaker Relationship using FM13

Question asked by dgreensp_1 on Feb 21, 2014
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FileMaker Relationship using FM13


     Problems with relationships - I'm hoping someone can help!

     I have a registration database setup with the following tables and relationships:

     Table 1:  Student

     Table 2:  Course

     The Student and Course Table are linked by a field called School Name

     In a layout I have a field in the Student layout called Course Name that is a drop-down based on the values from the Course Table but only shows value based on the relationship between the Student and Course tables.

     Table 3:  Course Fee

     The Course Fee and Course Table are linked by a field called Course ID

     In the Student layout I want to show the fee for the course but I keep always getting the first fee in the table and not the fee based on the choice the parents chose when registering.  This is where I'm having problems.

     I've attached screenshots to help troubleshoot.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!