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    FileMaker Remote Access to MySQL



      FileMaker Remote Access to MySQL


      Hi All,

      Is FileMaker Pro able to remotely access to a MySQL database?

      I have FileMaker v11 running in the office, and I will have online store outside of the office running MySQL.

      I would really like to have FileMaker to remotely access to MySQL, so that I can get orders down from the online site and automatically send into FM database.

      Please advise.


      Jason Gan


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          Thanks for posting!

          This can be done by connecting to the MySQL server via ODBC. To do this, you'll need to download and install the MySQL ODBC driver from their site (http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/5.1.html) and install it on the machine where FileMaker resides. Then, create a new System DSN on that same machine using that driver.

          On Windows, a System DSN can be created in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Source (ODBC).

          For OS X 10.6, please see knowledge base answer #7360:


          Once the System DSN is created for your MySQL database, you can import the data a few different ways. The most straightforward way would be to go through the File -> Import Records menu and select the ODBC Data Source menu item.

          Please let me know if you'd like any clarification on the above.

          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thank you very much for the answer.

            Just to share my experience. what I did is: Install a MySQL DB to my hoster server, and install the MySQL ODBC that you mentioned into my local server which hosts FileMaker Server, and

            set up a system dsn using that driver. then I can see the MySQL tables from my FileMaker Pro.

            This works beautifully for me.

            Thank you again,