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    Filemaker Remote Shortcut



      Filemaker Remote Shortcut


      Is there a way to setup a shortcut on the user's desktop so they can just open a database that is on a Filemaker Server?  This is in Filemaker 10.


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          See if this helps.





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            create a fileref for the remote file to open in your launcher file.
            indicate the fileref in the script which opens the remote file.

            for instance a fileref for a file called database.fp7 on a remote server may look like this:


            this is how it ended up working best:

            Make a new shortcut on the desktop and in the location box enter something along the lines of:

            When activated this shortcut will open FMP 7 or 8 and open the DB requested.
            If you want "auto" login features use the syntax of:
            This is good instructions for creating the "opener" db file



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                   Hey David,

                   I am also looking for a solution to create a desktop shortcut to open a remotely stored fileMaker database.  My remote server's format looks like this: "fmnet:/mars.........edu/databasename. I am using FileMaker 12.

                   I saw some of the solutions and try to follow it. I created a desktop shortcut and gave a location I got from File->Send->Database Link.

                   The link I got is different: "fmp://mars........edu/Database.fmp12". I used this link as my location. 

                   The problem I got is that, FileMaker is opening but I not the database. 

                   Can you explain me the exact steps to create a shortcut to open remote database?