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Filemaker Report with monthly parameters

Question asked by mantabrook on Jan 14, 2010
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Filemaker Report with monthly parameters


I am a beginner and have built the data entry portion of my db but now need to figure out how to run the monthly reports. I have 4 pieces of data that I need to be present on the report. 


1. School Name

2. Department Name

3. Budget Number

4. Total monthly cost


The db is for billing purposes. The budget number is unique to each department. I need to have the report run within a specified time range & then calculate/total all the invoices for each department.


I'm hoping to have it lay out as an indented list.


School Name

- Department/Budget Number....Total Monthly Cost


I would also like to have each school appear on a separate page as this will be a summary billing sent to the principals.


Thank you for any input that you might have.