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Filemaker restricting access/freezing access for no apparent reason

Question asked by schpa on Mar 16, 2015
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Filemaker restricting access/freezing access for no apparent reason





So I've searched the internet and the forums if anyone had the same issue but I couldn't find any threads with it, so I've just decided to just make a thread and ask whether the issue I have is common and if and then how I could go about solving it.

So I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 and have done so for the past 3-4 months designing a database for the company, and lately, for the past week or two, I've had an issue with most of the program freezing on me, not letting me edit scripts, managing database, not even enter fields or push any buttons, practically nothing...the program is not freezing on me completely, but it seems as though my access just suddenly gets restricted to next to nothing, even though I'm logged in as a Full Access Admin user.
The only way I've found to solve it is to completely reboot FIlemaker, I can't re-login as the button I've created for that won't work either, and just exit the database and re-opening it doesn't seem to do a thing either, the only thing that works is to reboot Filemaker entirely.

This usually happens, from what I've experienced, after saving a script I've been working on, but it could also be random as script editing is where I spend most of my time.

So, again, is this a common issue from any of yours knowledge, or could it be the design of my database that clutters things up and creates the issue?

Thank you for your attention!