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    Filemaker Returnee



      Filemaker Returnee



           After a long time away from programming databases, last time was in filemaker 4! I want to bring myself back up to speed, to that end have decided to make a motor racing database.. so have set up tables of circuits drivers and results. easy now I come to making data entry easy and relationships.

           What I would like to be able to do is pick a race say Australia, then pick the circuit Albert Park. then I want filemaker to look at my circuit table and say hey Albert park's track length is 5.303 Km. can I do this easily or will it require scripting?


           Thanks in advance

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               If we knew the racing scene it would be easier to advise you. What is a "circuit"? That what we Americans call a "Raceway" or "RaceTrack"?

               If so, the same time of find you would have performed on your table of circuits that you would have performed in FileMaker 4 would still pull up a record for "Albert Park" and a field in that record could show the track length.

               You can also script the process so that selecting Albert Park from a list of names performs a script that brings up the record for that circuit.

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                 Circuit=Raceway=RaceTrack !

                 Thanks for that, What I really want filemaker to do is as soon as I have picked Albert Park from the Circuit dropdown to populate the length from the Circuit length relational table I have set up.

                 Scripting still gives me cold sweats from the FM4 days..







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                   Can you spell out a little more about what you want to do?

                   There are a number of ways that you could set up a search of your circuits table in order to display the track length when you select a given circuit by name. What you want to do with that info will be a key factor in which method is the best option.

                   Also, what version of FileMaker are you using?

                   And creating a fileMaker solution without scripting is like rowing a rowboat with only one oar. I suggest you prepare your self for some "sweats" getting back up to speed in the latest FileMaker.

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                     I would like to use it as a source for a calculation of distances travelled ie total race distance, or distance driver covered.


                     Using Filemaker 11


                     Any suggestions for books on scripting?





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                       That's still a bit vague. It sounds like you would use this relationship:


                       Table::_fkCircuitID = Circuits::__pkCircuitID

                       For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

                       With this relationship, you can format the _fkcircuitID field with a drop down list or pop up menu for selecting a circuit. The value list would list values from __pkCircuitID for the first (primary) field and list a name field from Circuits for the secondary field. You can then use this drop down to select a circuit by name, but the value list actually inserts the corresponding ID number in order to link the record of the selected circuit to your current record in Table.

                       Once you've selected that Circuit, calcualtions defined in Table, scripts executing on the layout for Table can all access data in the record of the selected circuits table. You can even add fields from the Circuits table to your Table layout.