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Filemaker reverts record data on required value error

Question asked by ZoocMan85 on Jun 2, 2011
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Filemaker reverts record data on required value error


Hey Everyone,

I have an auto save feature on my database on the form section that a user fills out. Pretty much every 10 questions, filemaker will commit the record. However, for some reason if you should click on the layout by accident rather then clicking on the scroll bar on the right to scroll down the form ... Filemaker is selecting every single field on the form and validating all the fields. If one of the fields that it validates is empty and is set as a required value... it will automatically revert the record back to the last autosave. This is a huge pain because i know users will from time to time click on the background accidently then the scroll bar.What is the work around for this... I know i can have set on the fields to allow user to overide a required field to help fix the issue but there has to be another way. Thanks


Ray Z