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Filemaker Runtime loading wrong layout

Question asked by KevinF on Nov 2, 2012
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Filemaker Runtime loading wrong layout



     I have a Filemaker Pro 12 solution that I am trying to package into a runtime. The solution was made by significantly modfiying the "Product Catalog" Starter solution, and includes desktop, iPad, and iPhone layouts.

     The solution is set to load the a desktop list view when it is opened and this works correctly from Filemaker Pro.

     However, when a Runtime version of the solution is opened, the Desktop view displays for a split second, and then the iPhone view takes its place. If the user switches back to desktop view but clicks "New Record", the runtime once again switches to the iPhone view. This makes the runtime solution unusable.

     Any ideas what might cause this? In File>File Options, the Open Tab is set to "Switch to Layout" and the desired Desktop view. Maybe it's getting overriden in a script but I haven't explored scripts yet, nor modified the original scripts.