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Filemaker Runtime Query - Functionality and capabilities

Question asked by edward.hung on Apr 22, 2014
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Filemaker Runtime Query - Functionality and capabilities



     At current, we are looking to upgrade to Filemaker 13 to access the new features and stay up to date with our software. However we are contemplating whether to continue using Pro or upgrade to Advanced.

     Our aim: Create stand-alone iPad apps (and possible PC apps) that hide Filemaker taskbars and Filemaker logos. Ultimately we would like to access Filemaker solutions on iPad, iPhone or Tablets without accessing filemaker Go. 


     My current understanding is Filemaker Advanced can create Kiosk mode which seems very useful for PC. However it still goes through filemaker go on iPad or iPhone to access the file. 

     I have been trying to understand what Filemaker Run Time maker is. I understand it is a limited version of the original filemaker file.

     - How does installation work?

     - Can it be installed on an iPad like an app?

     - Can it be installed on a tablet?

     - Can the runtime solution still send emails and access the internet and use iPad features such as internet, web browsers, gps location and barcode scanners etc? 

     I have done some research and haven't come up with many answers so any pointers from Filemaker Experts would be great.