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FileMaker Runtime Question

Question asked by jeparsons on Sep 21, 2009


FileMaker Runtime Question


I am researching a workflow for a client who is considering buying FileMaker Pro Advanced. Their finished product will be a custom photo database -- distributed on CD or DVD with FileMaker Runtime handling sorting, viewing, printing, etc.


The question involves sending found records to one's Facebook, Flickr or other social media account. Is there a plugin that would allow a Runtime user to do this? Copy-and-paste would work, I suppose, but my client would like to include caption metadata as well as the photos themselves.


Also, I know it's possible to send SMTP email (with attachments) from FileMaker. Can this be done from the Runtime version on a CD or DVD? Also, can it be automated in any way? I'm thinking about sending a found set of photos as email attachments.