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Filemaker Runtime version?

Question asked by DanParadis on Sep 1, 2010
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Filemaker Runtime version?


I developed an application using FM11.  I have one customer using it and plan on selling it to others.

For the first customer I had the purchase Filemaker Pro V11.  I purchased Filemaker Pro Advanced for the development.  They access my PC as their server with just one PC.

I was wondering, do I have to have each customer spend over $200 for each user that wants to use Filemaker?  Is there a run-time version that can access my server (or their server if they choose).  Is there a cheaper way to do this?  I do realize that they cold use a web browser, but that's fine for basic access, but not for the "power" users.  I guess I should have checked this out before developing the app..  LOL.