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    FileMaker sample Database



      FileMaker sample Database


      I am working through the sample database provided by FileMaker Pro and have created my first mini database in table view.(Lesson 4)  The next instruction says that I should be able to enter information in form and list view, but when I switch to these views the screens are empty. The system thinks there is a record there as there is a record selector in place and if I click new record new records are being created as I can verify when I return back to table view. 

      For information I am on page 32 of the tutorial - step 2 Enter data in Form View

      Is there a setting I need to view the fields?

      Many thanks

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          Sounds like the database is working the way you set it up, it's just not doing what you expected.

          Look at the layout while in Layout Mode. Are there any fields showing? If not you will need to add them to your layout using the field tool. With table view, it's possible to add fields to the "view" that aren't physically present on the layout so this may explain what you are seeing.

          If you can see the fields you expected in layout mode, then check to see if borders and/or a contrasting fill color has been specified for the fields as this will help make them visible when in browse mode. You can select a field or group of fields specify borders in the appearance tab in the Inspector. You can click the Aa button if the formatting bar isn't visible at the top of your screen to get to controls for specifiying line and fill colors and patterns.