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Filemaker Scripting; How do I script attachments?

Question asked by CourtneyCaldwell on Nov 2, 2010
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Filemaker Scripting; How do I script attachments?


Hey there guys;

First post; but I have a serious question, that will save me a lot of time if someone could help me out a little with it.

I have been working on trying to make a script to send multiple emails to various people, but depending on certain circumstances within the file database, I want to send specific files (this is for data collection purposes, and I need to get responses from certain individuals and for them to put information in certain files); is there any way to set, based on the information put in certain fields, what document is attached to a certain email, without making a seperate script for each instance? (I don't want to send about 20 emails to the same person with a different attachment on each, because that'd be a little unprofessional of me were I to ignore the fact It'd look like spam, nor do I want to get blocked by a spam blocker, since this is for work on University stuff. D:)

Any help would be much appreciated!


Courtney Caldwell :)

PS: Hi there guys! :D