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FileMaker Security Settings and multiple files

Question asked by DavidMaffucci on Oct 11, 2014
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FileMaker Security Settings and multiple files




My database is an evolution of years of work and as a result it's structure is a bit old-school. Rather than building one multi-table file like the current design structure, I've got a database spread over dozens of files (27 to be exact). When I need to create a new user or change a Privilege set, I've got to re-do it 27 times! At least that's what I know. I feel like there MUST be a way to do this more efficiently. We always open ONE main database file which spawns the others as needed. 

Is there a way to make changes to Security (creating users, modifying Sets) once and have those changes push out to all the related files?

Thanks for any advice or commiseration.