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FileMaker Server 13 continuously locking up

Question asked by jessicar on Apr 8, 2014
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FileMaker Server 13 continuously locking up


     Since upgrading to FM13, FileMaker is locking up on a daily basis, requiring closing/reopening all databases before it may be used again. I'm having to disconnect all clients daily.


     Latest Example:

     I attempted to run a report, which locked up for 4 minutes. During that 4 minutes everyone else's connection was frozen as well. At the 4 minute mark I force closed my connection then disconnected all clients. (I have let the report run for as long as 12 minutes before, all the while everyone is locked up) The report never finishes. While the databases were offline I opened them (WITHOUT SHARING) I attempted to run the same report and it finished INSTANTLY (same everything - the only difference is that the databases are now offline and opened without sharing.) It literally didn't even take a full 2 seconds.


     I know this is difficult to replicate, but I'm at my wits end. Our owners are losing faith in FileMaker and I have run out of possible reasons that may curb their anxiety. I'm out of ideas as to what may be causing the constant lock ups.