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Filemaker solution seriously lacks html email functionality

Question asked by Narcan on Aug 6, 2011


Filemaker solution seriously lacks html email functionality


Hi all,


I'm not sure about you but I'm seriously missing a means to natively send html emails from within a filemaker solution. Either through Filemaker Pro or Filemaker Server. (I do not want to use plugins...)


All my effort for the past days went to setup automatic email generation based on database values. All seemed fine. Got the SMTP connectivity working. To my astonishment the emails were sent as plain text. There fore "breaking" my message makeup. No fancy stuff. Just neat text allignment for readability.


Well, so much for Filemaker in the 20th century. I'm seriously disappointed because this issue was spoken of numerous times on FM fora for many years ago.


Is it so hard to startup an email client on the clients computer when using IWP? At least we would have some functionlality.