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Filemaker SQL not inserting "NULL"

Question asked by firebase on Feb 15, 2014
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Filemaker SQL not inserting "NULL"


     i just came across this problem:

     in short: sql is using the defintion "null" for a firled that is empty against "" which is fm using.

     so after inserting field which where "null" they get "". sending null by typing null in the filed would of cause set the value to null (4 digits).

     for me the only solution would be not to transfer (insert) field that are "virtually" empty in FM.

     i ma not good in SQL what would be the the string to keep empty fields from in beeing inserted into my sql database?


     ok, sounds stupid and makes no big difference, but i want to compare databases and this would mean that i have changes in each line, which makes it impossible to compare.