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FileMaker SSO Access Via Okta

Question asked by MarkCampbell on Jan 6, 2015


FileMaker SSO Access Via Okta


How can you do Okta SSO access to WebDirect. It appears that the general landing page does not allow modern conventional SSO - as described by our SSO admin:

"The Okta SWA method of SSO requires a way for the Okta plugin to identify the login and password field within the page. The issue is the way the page is constructed. If you look at the source of the page, the HTML is dynamically generated by JavaScript. This causes the first issue as the plugin may not see the page as it is displayed in the browser and it requires the user to select the database before the HTML is constructed for the login page.

Secondly, when the login is constructed and presented to the browser, the input fields are not identified in a unique way. The class names for the fields are based on the formatting for the element. On most login pages, the class is easily identified as password or username. This makes it almost impossible for us to tell the plug-in where to fill in the username and password. "

Any idea how to work around this shortcoming in WebDirect?