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    Filemaker suitable for retail sales / database?



      Filemaker suitable for retail sales / database?


      Hello, I hope someone can help me with an enquiry about whether Filemaker is suitable for a retail operation.

      Here is what I would like to be able to do:

      Import our stock database from an existing Excel spreadsheet. This will be our Stock List, containing our codes for each item we hold. Connected to this will be the following:

      1. A sales list. Each day we enter the codes of each item sold. This will then subtract from the Stock List. We then have a record of each day's sales and can monitor this over time, utilise the sales information, etc.

      2. An order list. This will be a database of supplier information, with which we can make up orders for new deliveries of stock.

      This should be fairly straightforward and as far as I can see from the Filemaker website, tutorial videos, etc, it should be well within Filemaker's capability. ( Whether it is in mine is another question )

      What I would like from this forum is some advice about whether this is the right approach and the right programme, and whether I should download a trial version and do this myself. I don't mind spending a bit of time learning the ins and outs of the programme, so is this a suitable project for a beginner?

      Also, any advice about where to find appropriate tutorials, guidance, help etc would be most useful.

      Many thanks


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          By all means down load the trial and see what you can do with it!

          Filemaker can do what you describe but you've already identified the key question: "( Whether it is in mine [ability] is another question )" Giving the trial version a try is the best way to find out if you have the time and ability to do what you want. Filemaker does come with an Invoicing starter solution you can look at for ideas. It does show a typical way to set up tables for products, invoices, etc though I think the inventory management features designed into it are dangerously flawed.

          There are other invoicing templates and demo files you can take a look at. Here's one from another forum member, Comment, that you might want to look at: