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Filemaker suitable for retail sales / database?

Question asked by StuartMunroe on Aug 12, 2010
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Filemaker suitable for retail sales / database?


Hello, I hope someone can help me with an enquiry about whether Filemaker is suitable for a retail operation.

Here is what I would like to be able to do:

Import our stock database from an existing Excel spreadsheet. This will be our Stock List, containing our codes for each item we hold. Connected to this will be the following:

1. A sales list. Each day we enter the codes of each item sold. This will then subtract from the Stock List. We then have a record of each day's sales and can monitor this over time, utilise the sales information, etc.

2. An order list. This will be a database of supplier information, with which we can make up orders for new deliveries of stock.

This should be fairly straightforward and as far as I can see from the Filemaker website, tutorial videos, etc, it should be well within Filemaker's capability. ( Whether it is in mine is another question )

What I would like from this forum is some advice about whether this is the right approach and the right programme, and whether I should download a trial version and do this myself. I don't mind spending a bit of time learning the ins and outs of the programme, so is this a suitable project for a beginner?

Also, any advice about where to find appropriate tutorials, guidance, help etc would be most useful.

Many thanks