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FileMaker Table Relationship Problem

Question asked by hobbiesdeveloper on May 7, 2012
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FileMaker Table Relationship Problem



I'm trying to adjust Purchase Order Inventories using Field Calculations but for some reason my Line Item information isn't linking up and shows up as blank for all the information except for the line item id. I have provided a few screenschots of the Products and Purchase Orders Tables, I have the PO_LineItems as a table to keep them separated for each purchase order i create.

As you can see on the Purchase Order Line Item, I have inputed a value of 8 which should be showing the same amount in the Products / Inventory tab under the Products Table in the On PO section. Not sure why, but it's not getting the value from the PO Line into the Products on PO Quantity Value.

I need it to add or subtract the Purchase Order Line Item depending on if I'm removing the item or adjusting the quantity. Using a Calculation should be the easiest way to go but I'm not able to get it done.


Pleasea help?