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    Filemaker to MySQL - basic question



      Filemaker to MySQL - basic question


      I've successfully created a connection via ODBC to a MySQL database and have the tables all synched up, but I can't work out how to get the data from the Filemaker Pro database into the MySQL database. So far the documentation hasn't been entirely forthcoming.

      Could someone point me to the documentation for this or suggest how this is done?

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          I was under the impression that this technique was used for people who stored data in a MySQL database, but accessed it via Filemaker which gave more powerful layout and reporting possibilities... so I guess you are upgrading to MySQL for its cheap sharing potential (it is after all, free) and want to export your data from the FM db to the MySQL db?

          I am only a newbie though, so please don't rely on anything I say! LOL!


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            My customer has a rather complex FMPro database holding all their ordering and product data and pricing that I want to display on their website. The hosting company supports php and MySQL, so obviously I would use that.

            I have successfully linked up the tables, but can find no way of getting the data from FMPro to MySQL. ideally this would be a seamless task that would occur automatically whenever they updated the FMPro database.

            Anyone have any pointers?

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              Couldn't you just export the data as a csv file and then import it to the MySQL database? That is how most databases swap data between themselves.

              We had a MySQL database running on our intranet, with each screen hand coded in PHP and I can tell you that even if you know a lot of PHP it will take you a considerable time to code the pages to display the information on the website and have them be interactive. We actually employed a guy for ten hours a week for about four years to develop our complex PHP/MySQL solution. 

              If I step back a bit though, can you give any more background? What are your intentions, and what are your goals for this project? For instance, where do you envisage storing the data, and in how will clients access it? Also, are you familiar and confident with PHP coding and MySQL Queries and so on?

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                My customers are not computer- savvy so importing the data each time a price changes is not an option. As for the php and queries on the web side, that's not an issue. I've already coded it using a test version of the mySQL data. It's a very simple table: product, description, price. The shop uses FMPro to store all the data locally and my job is simply to display the products and prices on their website. My single issue is how to get the data from FMPro to the mySQL database. Just to reiterate, the databases and tables are linked up via ODBC. That bit was easy!
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                  IMO that may not be possible. The MySQL database would be the place where the data was stored, and changes made using a MySQL UPDATE query linked with a button via PHP so all they need to do is run their browser. Similarly, photos and other product data would need their own input screens (or buttons) coded into the website using PHP calls to the MySQL database to add the data into the database.

                  I know you can use FMPro to query data held on a MySQL database, but AFAIK - and because of the nature of the two applications - this is difficult, if not impossible the other way around; MySQL AFAIK cannot read a FMP file.

                  You said it was a very complicated database, but you've also said "it's a very simple table". Is that the whole thing?

                  TBH the best solution may be to use one of the free scripts about for running an online store; they have all the PHP ready written, the MySQL database is already there, installation is generally automatic - and with some webhosts can be done at the touch of a button, and the whole thing is managed through a web browser.

                  I'm happy to be put right on this because as I said I am new to FMP, but we've been using a MySQL/PHP database solution for over four years and I know how difficult it is to run.

                  I also have a funny feeling I'm missing something here... :? but for the life of me I can't think of it. Maybe there's something at the server end that needs to change? A setting or port opening? I hope an expert comes along soon, I don't think I'm really helping much!

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                    I think you misunderstand. No one will use the website to input data. The website only displays data. Input is done directly via the FMPro database.

                    The FMPro database is complex, but the data I need from it is simple - it's all in a basic table of products and prices. There are bits around it I don't need, however.

                    I have a feeling I must not be explaining this well, so let's try again.

                    Customer (my client, for whom I work), uses FMPro to manage their stock.

                    They want to display the prices of their goods on their website.

                    So: FMPro data -> MySQL -> PHP queries -> Webpage displaying prices. It's all quite simple to achieve, save for the bit at the beginning where the data goes from FMPro to MySQL.

                    According to the FMPro documentation, this is possible, but it conveniently leaves out any reference to how it's done: http://www.filemaker.com/downloads/pdf/fm9_odbc_jdbc_guide_en.pdf