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Filemaker to Mysql Live Insert, Update, and Delete via Exernal Data Source

Question asked by providerconnections on Oct 30, 2008
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Filemaker to Mysql Live Insert, Update, and Delete via Exernal Data Source



   So my organization just purchased Filemaker Server 9 to allow us to have the databases be the same at any point in time when filemaker changes, mysql changes.


Here's the scenario-


We have Multiple Filemaker databases with multiple different fields (proper database design was not implemented as there might be 15 different attributes in one table).. We have a mysql database for purpose of displaying only a limited number of those fields on the web. We might only have 7 fields in one of these databases, because these are only the fields the web user is interested in. But each of these 7 values are exactly the same as the 7/15 in the FM database.


Right now we have a script running to export all the filemaker records into a txt file each day, then a php script ran to insert each record into the mysql database. We want to get around this with the odbc connection straight from filemaker. That way the web user is searching the latest changed data. I have actually went and setup the odbc connection and drew the relationships between the filemaker table and the shadow table. Anytime I insert, update, or delete in the database I do not see anything take place in the mysql database. How do I get this to work properly?


Any ideas?