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FileMaker to Sage Accounts

Question asked by KeithMcArdle on Apr 22, 2013
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FileMaker to Sage Accounts


     HI Everyone

     The company I work for is building a Filemaker database from scratch and it is almost completed,

     We are looking to integrate the database with Sage Accounts, the main thing we want to do is the invoice page in the Filemaker database is to export all the details from the invoice into Sage to the relevant customers, ideally as a batch export at the end of the day into sage accounts, is they a script to do this, or a script template, or is there a direct way to communicate with sage, I know they are some 3rd party programs out there but they are really expensive, I'm just looking for the best way to this


     Filemaker Server 11 (mac) but the import would be done on the user machine Filemaker Pro 11 ( Windows 7) on a network linked to the server

     Sage Accounts 2013

     Any help is greatly appreciated