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Filemaker Too long loading time

Question asked by kenleeltk on Jul 11, 2013


Filemaker Too long loading time


     I have some question for the following situation

     We have 2 site Site A&B

     A filemaker server is set in Site A, and a filemaker file (File A) which is located in the server at Site A with file size of 10MB. More than 10 users are going to use this file for their daily operation. On the other hand, users at Site B is using VPN to make connection with Site A and accessing File A by using external data sources. But Users at Site B found that the loading time is too long when they are opeing File A (more than 2 minutes)

     the question is:

     What is the mechanism of opeing a filemaker file? Is that pre-load the file first and then create a view to open the file?
     If we open a file through VPN, is there any affect on loading time?