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FileMaker Training Series Advanced 13, Activity 9.1

Question asked by pmuhlrad on Apr 30, 2014
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FileMaker Training Series Advanced 13, Activity 9.1


     Hello FMP experts.  I'm going through the FileMaker Pro 13 Training Series Advanced, and having a problem with Activity 9.1.  I set up the new order_ORDER_sameCustomer" table occurrence and created the relationship between it and the ORDER TO (connecting the ID_OrderNum from the ORDERS TO to the IDf_Customer from the order_ORDER_sameCustomer TO).  I then added the portal with the fields as instructed in step 4.  But when I went through the records in Browse mode, I could see no related records in my new portal.  Can someone please help me troubleshoot this?  On a related note, is there another "help desk" to consult for problems related to the FIleMaker Training Series exercises?  Many thanks.