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    Filemaker Trial Sharing



      Filemaker Trial Sharing


           Can Filemaker Trial not share?  I tried the following:

           1. Open a file

           2. Share with FileMaker Clients

           3. Network Sharing: On

           4. Select Currently open file

           5. "All users"

           And I get the message "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer."

           That's clearly not true in my case.  And if I go to FileMaker Go on my iPhone, it won't find any files at the IP Address Network Sharing gave me.

           It's also buggy, because if I click Cancel and immediately pull the dialogue box back up, the same options are selected, and *then* I can press OK - but it still doesn't share.  If I hit "Off" then "On" and press "OK", it gives me the error again.


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               OS ver?  FMP 13 Trial.  Database file is local or on another computer.

               iPhone is on the same local network?  (IP address is the same first three numbers - 192.168.1.XXX)

               This is Filemaker's Sharing Troubleshooting Steps.


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                 Sounds like it is at least supposed to work, thanks.  I'm on Mavericks.  I left the settings engaged and double clicked my db file after not running it for about eight hours, and that same error message popped back up.  So it's unable to even share my file/db, even before I get to trying it out in the iPhone.  I've seen people report this error before and there's never been a clear resolution.  I don't have another version of Filemaker or Server running, so I'm not sure why it's saying I have another user already sharing.


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                   Do the steps that you are taking to try to connect to your database match this?

                   After turning on Sharing for the FileMaker application and also for the specific file (as you described).

                   Leave the file open in FileMaker Pro Trial on your computer.

                   Open FileMaker Go on your iPhone, while in a location where both your computer and your iPhone are set up for WiFi network access.

                   Tap the Hosts icon in lower right corner of Phone screen

                   Tap the entry for the name of your computer

                   Tap the name of the file listed.

                   It's also possible to make this work via 3G/4G when you don't have WiFi access, but then you have to set up your network's internet router with Port Forwarding to forward FileMaker requests from outside of the network to your computer and you have to use your internet router's IP address to find and access your network. So try the simple WiFi method first to rule out basic issues.

                   And I wonder if the Trial version supports networking in the first place...

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                     Yeah, those are the steps I followed.  I'm guessing Trial is limited in a way that isn't documented.  I'll come back to this thread if the problem persists after I buy.

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                       I costs you nothing to call FileMaker Techsupport and ask if this is the case.

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                         Hi, with the help of FileMaker tech support, we figured this out.  In my case, I had a VPN client that was using a conflicting port.  This was the Cisco Anyconnect() client that I use for work.  The client itself wasn't the problem, but it was the optional "WebSecurity" addon/plugin that was the culprit.  I found instructions online on how to delete it.  Now I'm able to do filemaker sharing, and I'm also able to continue using my vpn.