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FileMaker Tutor in Boston?

Question asked by actnow on Jan 14, 2010
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FileMaker Tutor in Boston?


Hello Forum!

I'd like someone to sit down with me for an afternoon to go over a PC based FM Pro 10 Advanced ready-made solution and explain how some of the many-to-many relationships work, help me create a few new relationships, and generally give me some best practices assistance.  I have books on FileMaker and have done some simple database work in the past, but am a bit stuck using this solution.  I think a couple of hours discussion (and written notes while we are talking) will clear things up.


I figured I would pay $100 for a couple of hours of help, more if we spend more time.  I've also posted this request on Craigslist, but thought I'd go here too.


Anyone in Boston have some time this weekend or early next week to sit in a coffee shop and help me sort things out?


Please send me an email.