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Filemaker Upgrade w/Server 5.5 files

Question asked by rr_2 on Feb 12, 2014
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Filemaker Upgrade w/Server 5.5 files



     (2)-Users  windows xp running filmaker pro 6...with filemaker server 5.5 on an old windows 2003 server.


     update machines and data....

     machines to windows7 pro

     upgrade filemaker to 12 or 13.



     can the server files be exported/pulled off/imported-updated from filemaker server 5.5 and updated to a a 'new' filemaker 12-13 shared user setup. On the 'new' windows 7 pro machines?

     -----I do not think the server edition is needed. You only have 2 users. One is primary the other is a manager who logs in rarely.----

     ANY advise is greatly appreciated. Users are barely hanging on with old equipment and software.